Better technical communication in 10 minutes or less!

10-Minute Tech Comm is a podcast offered by the UAH Business and Technical Writing Program. It features interviews with technical writing practitioners, scholars, and innovators who can increase your technical writing knowledge and skills. Episodes are no longer than 10 minutes, so you can get the best technical communication insights even with a busy schedule!

Episode 1: Bart Leahy on Freelancing

Episode 2: Nicole St. Germaine-Dilts on Spanish Speakers and Tech Comm

Episode 3: Dr. Huiling Ding on the Rhetoric of Epidemics

Episode 4: Dr. Dirk Remley on Neuroscience and Tech Comm

Episode 5: Dr. Jeff Todd on Avoiding Litigation

Episode 6: Dr. Marika Seigel on Pregnancy Guides as User Help

Episode 7: Larry Kunz on Working with Subject Matter Experts

Episode 8: Danielle Villegas on Social Media

Episode 9: Dr. Han Yu on Comics in Technical Communication

Episode 10: Maxwell Hoffmann on Being an Adobe Technical Communication Evangelist

Episode 11: Dr. Kirk St. Amant and Dr. Guiseppe Getto on User Personas and Intercultural Communication

Episode 12: Vinish Garg on Storytelling, Startups, and Technical Communication

Episode 13: Daniel Mann on Technical Communication at Facebook

Episode 14: Dr. Carolyn Boiarsky on Email and the BP Oil Spill

Episode 15: Liz Fraley on Single Sourcing

Episode 16: Dr. Felicia Chong on YouTube Tutorials

Episode 17: Dr. Miriam Williams on Race and Ethnicity in Tech Comm

Episode 18: Supersized Holiday Spectacular! 

Episode 19: Katherine Spivey on Plain Language

Episode 20: Jonathan Saunders on Technical Writing at Uber

Episode 21: Tom Johnson on API Documentation

Episode 22: Kristen Cantrell on Technical Writing at Southwest Airlines

Episode 23: Dr. Leah Ceccarelli on Scientists in Zombie Movies

Episode 24: Supersize Episode on Medical Rhetoric

Episode 25: Jennifer Morse on Topic-Based Authoring

Episode 26: Dr. Barbara Reynolds on CDC’s Zika Communication Plan

Episode 27: Eric Shepherd on Technical Communication at Mozilla

Episode 28: Dr. Tammy Rice-Bailey on Working with Subject Matter Experts

Episode 29: 2016 Holiday Spectacular with Dr. Natasha Jones

Episode 30: Dr. Aimee Roundtree on Health Information and Facebook

Episode 31: Dr. Ehren Pflugfelder on Technical Descriptions and Reddit

Episode 32: Krista Van Laan on Starting Your Tech Writing Career

Episode 33: Diane Murphy on Content Strategy at Air BnB

Episode 34: Dr. Marte Otten on How Social Knowledge Shapes Perception

Episode 35: Amelia Chesley on Organizing the LibriVox Online Community

Episode 36: Jeff Gerding on the Federal Source Code Policy Open Comment Period

Episode 37: Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski on Andrew Wakefield and the Harms of Hedging Scientific Discourse

Episode 38: Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski on Writing an Academic Article

Episode 39: Dr. Kirk St. Amant on User Experience in International Contexts

Episode 40: Andrew Etter on Writing Software Documentation

Episode 41: Dr. Emily January Peterson on How Women Technical Communicators Get Undervalued in the Workplace

Episode 42: Allison Augustyn on Writing for Science Museums

Episode 43: Chelsea Moats on Creating a Technical Writing Portfolio

Episode 44: Amruta Ranade on Learning New Technology

Episode 45: LIVE EPISODE: Kristin Scroggin on Communicating with Millennials at Work

Episode 46: Dr. Laura Gonzales on Sites of Translation

Episode 47: La Dra. Gonzales introduce su libro, Sites of Translation



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