Playing at Work by Heroic Technical Writing

Check out this great post from HeroicTechnicalWriting, a blog by NASA technical writer located right here in Huntsville. The post, Playing at Work, describes how play factors into the work of a technical writer:

Play can take many forms, but for me, it’s mostly a matter of rearranging ideas or words or combining them in unexpected ways. Part of the enjoyment for the writer is arranging words in just the right way to accomplish the end you want. Sometimes it’s like playing with words like blocks or Legos: the solution I’m searching for must be correct and elegant.

The post also argues that play allows technical writers to imagine the perspective of the user, kind of like “method acting for the writer”. It also offers some great comparisons between the work of technical writers and English majors. Give it a read, and check out the rest of the blog for more great insight!


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