Tips for Getting a Technical Writing Job

Recently, I’d Rather Be Writing featured a post with insights from a technical communication job search. It’s full of great advice like checking out the company’s documentation before an interview:

In order to speak to documentation-related issues and challenges, it’s important to study the company’s documentation beforehand. You can gather a lot of insight and questions by looking over the way a company does documentation. If the documentation isn’t accessible, you can still gather a lot of information by reading about the company. I like to look at the way a company organizes their content, as well as any visual communication, user engagement, short guides, online help, and other documentation efforts the company is engaged in.

TalentEgg recently posted its own tips for finding technical writing jobs. Great sample interview questions are also available here.

For more insights on the technical writing market, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics outlook for technical writing jobs.


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