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Worst websites of 2011 (so far…)

Web Pages That Suck, which has long cataloged the most egregious web design offenders, offers up contenders for the worst web design of 2011. Looking at these webpages, it’s obvious why people navigate away from poor design so quickly. Still, usability expert Jakob Nielson offers this interesting analysis of user behavior data to demonstrate how crucial the first 10-20 seconds are for keeping visitors on a web page.


User Centered Design: Satisfying the Cat

One of the issues raised in Robert Johnson’s User-Centered Technology is that user-centered design and documentation practices are ideal but are often hard to sell to corporations because of the high cost. Jacob Creech created this video, Satisfying The Cat, as an argument for why user-centeredness is a life or death issue for web design. Andrew Maier also provides a three step guide to begin implementing a user-centered culture at an organization.

Improving a Google+ Error Message

The blog Klariti Tech Writing Tips offers interesting recommendations for how to improve a Google+ error page. The tips are good considerations for any discussion of usability. And to see if the blog practices what it preaches, here’s Klariti’s own 404 error page.