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Interesting Links from Around the Web

Last night, the students in UAH’s graduate course in Theory and Practice of Technical Communication took a tour of the technical writing blogosphere and brought back useful and interesting links. The list speaks to the variety and insight available on tech writing blogs today:

On Usability Blog, Paul Sherman complains about AT&T’s frustrating decision to lock out users after one failed password attempt.

In a similar vein, IT Author wonders if Facebook’s poor design proves that usability doesn’t matter.

I Heart Technical Writing offers an interview with Gina Blednyh about how social media can make you a better tech writer.

Over at I’d Rather Be Writing, Tom Johnson presents a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the two prevailing models of project team organization – technical writer embedded in a technical writing group (tacit to a project team) or technical writer embedded in a project team.

The Answers for All blog discusses the importance of collaboration among technical communicators in building upon current knowledge and discovering new perspectives.

Signal vs Noise provides a helpful list of questions to ask when reviewing a web design.

I Came, I Saw, I Learned gives tips for finding free Google images for use in publication.

Gordon McLean at One Man Writes records his ideas about intergrating two new graduates into the field of technical writing.

Technical Communication Center argues that proposal consultants who can write well have the edge.

Back over on I’d Rather Be Writing, Tom Johnson offers his thoughts on the traits of a good writer.