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Brandon Dauphinais on the Upcoming Rocket City Technical Communication Conference

Check out this link of STC Huntsville President Brandon Dauphinais discussing the upcoming Rocket City Technical Communication Conference on WAAY 4 News.

Understanding Scrum, in under 10, 7, or 3 minutes (take your pick)

All of these videos attempt to offer quick explainations of Scrum, an agile methodology for product development based on rugby strategy, so you can choose one based on your time and attention span. These videos are interesting for at least two reasons. First, more and more technical communicators are finding themselves involved in Scrum, and the process’ emphasis on communication and coordination demands the skills good technical communicators possess. Second, technical communicators often find themselves conveying processes to others, so you can evaluate how effectively these videos explain the Scrum approach.
In under 10 minutes:

In under 7 minutes:

In under 3 minutes:


Technical Communication in Hollywood

Check out this clip that compiles inspirational and disastrous uses of instructions in the movies:

What is a Technical Writer? Video

Check out this short video defining the work of a technical writer. The video is interesting because it defines breaking down everyday subjects into steps as one domain of technical writers – in this example, Weddings for Dummies is an example of technical writing. (See Jo Ann Allen’s The Case Against Defining Technical Writing for a similar debate about whether cookbooks constitute technical writing). Watch the video and see what you think: